Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bugle and Helmet

In this tribute to “long-ago”,  Karsten has created a watercolor still-life that captures the soft glow of ceremonial colors faded by time as they are reflected in the polished patina of an antique German fire helmet and bugle. 20"x23”.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Window Box

A colorful window to the world—so bright and cheery that you can imagine all the flowers waving a happy “hello” to passers-by.  Ellen works her magic in dazzling shades of acrylic blues. 24" x 30".

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our Village

Ephraim never looked more inviting. Gazing at Ellen's painting is like taking a summer vacation every day. Look closely and you'll notice that mischievous Karsten painted a beer in the gazebo. That's one sight you'll never actually see in Ephraim--a town that has always been "dry." Acrylic.

Ice Skating on the Pond

Ellen's mystical, magical ice skating painting captures the warmth and excitement of a snowy eve in Ephraim.

Magnificent Morn

Sometimes, when the conditions are just right,  Door County experiences an autumn morn where nature is bathed with a glorious golden light. Even the atmosphere seems to vibrate and shimmer. Here is that day, captured in living color. Oil painting by Karsten. 40x30"

Scarlet Flower Flurry

Always a favorite of gallery visitors, Ellen's iconic "Falling Petals" paintings feature her unique technique of incorporating the frame in the art "experience". It's great fun and expertly rendered in acylic. 10x8" painting with 14x12" natural wood frame.